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Image by Soundtrap

My Coffee Society

My Coffee Society is a songwriting course and community, that focuses on creativity and expanding our thoughts and minds through exercises and creative approaches to songwriting. We like to think of it as Hogwarts for musicians.


What does Coffee Society mean?


Inbar, the founder of My Coffee Society, is a coffee lover and swears by its magical and creative powers. 

But Coffee Society was named mainly after the cultural surroundings of coffee and coffeehouses, which date back centuries ago. Apart from being social hubs, these places were artistic and intellectual centers. Coffee would bring artists and writers together as a meeting place to discuss and present their creations.

What do we offer?


Vol. 5

Our famous songwriting circle / workshop - advanced songwriters 

A 2 month course which includes a bi weekly meeting.

We'll dive deeper into the craft of songwriting. There will be co-writes and you'll be challenged further with creating your own AB Flip for the group and dip your toes in the production world.

Like with the previous Volumes, you’ll be part of a community of songwriters that you can keep creating with and exchanging ideas, inspiration and networking.

Stay tuned for upcoming cycles 





Private Songwriting Lessons

Private sessions for beginner / advanced songwriters 

A private lesson where you will learn the secrets and foundations of songwriting. Each lesson we will explore a specific element of songwriting, work through and analyze the different pillars of a song and dive deep into the craft and magic-making by doing it ourselves. You’ll be leaving the lessons with the tools, exercises, knowledge and inspiration to start creating and writing songs for the rest of your journey as an artist.


Free 20 min Consultation 

Still not sure?

Don't worry! Schedule your FREE, no obligation consultation and let me help you reach your songwriting goals.

It’s also important to note that you'll always get out of these courses what you put into them, so come ready with an open heart and a creative mind.


Where does this all take place?

The course meetings will be held via Zoom. All the materials, exercises and community hang will be through the My Coffee Society website. Once registered in the program you will be given access to our exclusive group area located under the GROUPS page.





























More about our founder: Inbar Starr


Image by Caleb George
Karlina Kovington.jpg

Karlina Covington

My Coffee Society’s songwriting program has been so amazing on so many levels.  I was fortunate enough to experience it first in 2020 during the quarantine, and the camaraderie and creative outlet during such a tough time was life-saving.  The feeling of support and community that this program breeds cannot be understated. Being a singer/songwriter can be a little lonely sometimes. To share a space with other singer/songwriters is to understand that your trials are not unique and you’re not alone, and that is really affirming. In addition to the community, the work itself was powerful and motivating. Inbar was always sharing art and affirmations she came upon and encouraged us to do the same. It kept me in a very inspired state. At the time I took the program, I was dealing with writer’s block. The interesting and exciting assignments; the practical tools offered; the inspiration and support from my fellow songwriters; and--let’s be honest--a deadline; all led me to push through the block and create material that I am truly proud of. My two favorite and most honest and authentic songs that I have written to date were assignments for My Coffee Society. I cannot express my gratitude enough for this wonderful program. I cannot recommend it more. And I cannot WAIT for the next installment!


Kira Hooks

Inbar has created a special space where songwriters can connect authentically and safely. During the pandemic, consistency and a sense of togetherness have been really important. I’m thankful she created MyCoffeeSociety where both of those things were present. Creativity thrives in a community that believes in each other and their ideas, and the people that Inbar attracts are those kind of people.  It goes without saying that I highly recommend MyCoffeeSociety to all songwriters at any point in their journey. 


Mona Najib

I've been taking this songwriting course for about a month now, and I'm so thrilled to write again. Not only is Inbar an extremely talented artist, she's also an incredible educator. The assignments are super creative and inspiring, and Inbar has a way of delivering authenticity to everything she does - always staying open, and always welcoming transparency. Doesn't matter if you're completely new or an experienced songwriter - this course is for you!! 

Katie Buxton.jpg

Katie Buxton

Inbar provided such a beautiful and healing creative space and I looked forward to every meeting! It was awesome having the writing prompts and challenges because it had me write things I wouldn’t have otherwise. One of the songs that came out of the sessions is a song that I’m releasing this month and was co-written with another Coffee Society member! I’m so grateful for what I got out of this group and would recommend it to anyone looking for a safe and fun yet challenging creative environment.


© 2023 My Coffee Society

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